Our philosophy at Sprouts is founded on the beliefs and values of children, families, educators and our Committee of Management. It reflects current research and practice based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Law, Code of Ethics, United Rights of the Child and the Word of God. It is based firmly on the belief that all children have a right to high-quality early childhood education and care.

Mission Statement

  • For CHILDREN to be nurtured to grow and thrive
  • For FAMILIES to be valued and supported in a caring, Christian environment
  • To connect with and serve our COMMUNITY


Every child who walks through our doors shapes who we are and who we will become. Sprouts was built with the purpose to provide a warm and caring place for children and families in the community. We aspire for each child to feel valued and develop a sense of belonging. We believe that relationships play a vital role when ensuring that each child will grow and thrive. Through relationships and interactions, we base our curriculum on the child’s abilities, interests and learning.


Even before a child is born they are connected with family and community. Through family and community relationships and experiences they begin to grow and develop (Bronfenbrenner 1979). Parents are an invaluable resource as they are children’s first and most influential teachers. When providing high-quality care and education we believe a close partnership with families is essential. Each family has their own identity and culture and is worthy of respect and dignity. We believe that we have a responsibility to care for the whole family, to be inclusive and offer holistic support. Families have a right to expect confidentiality and professionalism at all times.


At Sprouts we are nurturing confident and creative learners who will be connected and innovative in the community. A community plays a key role in shaping and supporting a child and family and we want our families to feel they belong within their community. We will educate children and families about the community and how we can make a difference. We value partnership and embrace opportunities to connect with and serve our community. We will advocate for the rights of the child and for healthy families.

Grow and Thrive

We believe learning through play is how a child makes sense of their world and broadens their understanding. Self-engagement, collaborative interactions and engaging actively with peers, educators and the environment gives children opportunities to develop positive dispositions for learning and can encourage a love of learning which becomes foundational in their education (Piaget 1936). We believe that children learn through exploration: by using their interests, knowledge and abilities they are motivated to resource and extend their learning. Our environment promotes active learning communities that encourage children and educators to work collaboratively with one another.

We value interactions with children as this provides opportunities for intentional teaching and to work within a child’s zone of proximal development. The zone of proximal development is the difference between what a child can do on their own and what a child needs support to achieve and learn (Vygotsky 1924). We believe for each child’s learning to be most effective we need to ensure that our routine and curriculum provides time, interactions, intentional teaching and resources within a fluid and stimulating environment.


We are passionate about our world, God’s creation and our local environment. We believe nature is vital for a child’s wellbeing and a sense of connectedness with their world. With a focus on natural exploration, we will create opportunities for children to foster an appreciation of the natural community and develop environmental awareness and education. Our beautiful indoor environment reflects naturalistic aesthetics and our landscaped outdoor area is designed to embrace our surroundings and the living world. Whilst the environment is predictable to create a sense of belonging, our resources will change based on children’s learning and our curriculum. We value a safe, stimulating and well-maintained environment that allows children to challenge themselves and take calculated risks.

Our Valued Team

Offering excellent education and care first begins with caring and supporting our educators. We value our staff and we recognise each staff has unique gifts, culture and passions to bring to the team. We encourage all staff to feel inspired and motivated to further their understanding of Early Childhood; current research and practices; and to advocate for children and quality education and care. We prioritise professional development and empower our staff to become life-long learners. We strive to provide a professional yet supportive workplace where educators feel respected, valued and supported.


Although our beliefs and values are based on Christian principles, we actively promote respect for diversity and appreciation of the riches it can bring. Each child is created to be unique and we celebrate each child’s gifts and talents. Every child belongs to a family and has a place within our community. Every person regardless of gender, nationality, ability, language 0r culture will be treated with equal respect and dignity. Our curriculum and program will reflect each child and family; they will be supported to participate in all aspects of the program and to learn from one another.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16